MTV2 Casting for the 2014 MLB Fan Cave

mlb fan cave

Suffering from the off-season blues? Maybe the end of the season hasn’t sunk in just yet since you’re riding a World Series win high, but for us non-Boston fans, don’t worry Opening Day will be here before you know it. And what can we look forward to next baseball season, I mean besides a chance for the Yankees to redeem themselves and take down the Red Sox?? The MLB Fan Cave of course!! Sure the Yankees winning #28 is great, but the Fan Cave is something all baseball fans can enjoy and agree- it’s frickin’ awesome!

Starting next season MLB is pairing up with MTV2 for “a multi-year, cross-platform programming partnership that will bring fans inside the intersection of pop culture and baseball as their favorite MLB athletes and celebrities are featured across MTV’s platforms. To lead things off, Boston Red Sox DH and 2013 World Series MVP David Ortiz and Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star Centerfielder Andrew McCutchen will executive produce a new weekly, 30-episode series on MTV2, MTV’s sibling network that targets men with smart, funny and relevant content, that is slated to debut in April 2014.” The entire press release from MLB can be found here.

Not that the Fan Cave wasn’t cool to begin with, but that is quite the upgrade!! MTV2 is now casting nationwide… do you think you have what it takes?!:


Are you the ultimate baseball fan?
Do you have a fun and dynamic personality?
Have you done anything wild and crazy to show support for your favorite team?

MTV2 and MLB are seeking funny and entertaining people who love baseball and all things pop culture. We are looking for over the top personalities who take team spirit to another level. Any unique and interesting talents? Singers, artists, pop culture aficionados, baseball stat geeks — all fan types are welcome! So if you are the type of person that lives, breathes and dreams baseball 24/7 it is time to put your FANtastic knowledge to use because you may be the perfect 2014 CAVE DWELLER.

Please email us and tell us about yourself, what makes you stand out as a fan and what’s the craziest thing you’ve done to support your favorite team. Please include your name, contact info, facebook/twitter and a recent photo.

***If you are chosen, it is a seven month commitment starting early next spring. You’ll live in New York City as you watch all of the MLB games from the Fan Cave. Of course living expenses will be paid for and there is an additional stipend! Sounds like a good time right?

Pretty excited for the season now and I love that question- what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for your team? Share away!!

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5 thoughts on “MTV2 Casting for the 2014 MLB Fan Cave

  1. I kind of like this because of the exposure it’ll give the Fan Cave, but I’m skeptical as to whether it’ll still be the nuttiest of the baseball nuts that’ll be picked for the spots now that MTV2 is involved. I think that they’ll still have the people who like baseball, but it may move from selecting candidates based on absolute devotion to the sport to people who can bring in the most eyeballs to the program.

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