Attention Baseball Fans: I Need Your Help!

To fill the void between post-season and Opening Day I am going to start up a series of posts with my five favorite things about each ballpark. I will continue to post money saving tips as I find them, but this will be more of a ballpark appreciation thing. Hopefully it will give you a little baseball fix and inspire you to plan trips to a new ballpark or two next season.

Here’s where the fans come in. I’d like to make this series interactive, so I’m asking for your input on the ballparks you’ve visited or your home park you frequent regularly:

What is your favorite thing about visiting _______*?

*Insert ballpark name here ;)

It can be an object like the candies that line the scoreboard at U.S. Cellular Field or a game day activity like tailgating outside of Kauffman Stadium. Maybe you like the hotdog race at Progessive Field, the Best Buy Photo Zones at Target Field, or the tiger merry-go-round at Comerica Park. Whatever floats your boat!

I’m going to call for AL Central ballparks first, so get at me via the comment section of this post, email at, Twitter @alicia_barnhart, or my Facebook page: Ballparks on a Budget with your answers.

Please include your name, hometown, favorite team, and if you have a blog include that too so I can link to your page. Also feel free to pass this around to your friends- the more responses the merrier! I hope to get my first post out next Monday, so get me your responses ASAP!

7 thoughts on “Attention Baseball Fans: I Need Your Help!

  1. My favorite thing about visiting Wrigley Field is seeing the people sitting on the rooftops watching the game.

    My favorite thing about visiting Miller Park is taking in the tailgating scene…especially the smell.

    My favorite thing about visiting PNC Park is crossing the Roberto Clemente bridge to get to the ballpark with the dark green seats in full view.

    My favorite thing about visiting Busch Stadium is see the view of the Arch in center field.

    My favorite thing about visiting Minute Maid Park is seeing the train go across the outfield wall.

    My favorite thing about visiting Great American Ball Park is the view of the Ohio River from the upper level.

  2. My definite favorite part about Target Field is the “shimmering wall”. They (Twins) had an atrocity in that parking garage sticking out of the ballpark and they turned it into something that can only be described as gorgeous when the wind is blowing. That and how intimate the ballapark is. Before I came to Target Field, I was always a “bigger is better” when it came to ballparks, but Target Field made me rethink that. There is truly no bad section in the whole stadium.

  3. The real question is, what isn’t my favorite thing about visiting Busch stadium??? The “new” stadium is absolutely gorgeous, we literally have the best fans in the world, the view of the arch is spectacular, and you can always count on that special atmosphere that makes you all sorts of excited to be there. I’ve been going to Busch since I was born, and I haven’t found a single park that can match the atmosphere at Busch!

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