Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less! ;)

I received a bunch of positive feedback from my Red Sox shirt, so will continue posting t-shirt designs throughout the off-season. Hopefully some girls can take advantage of the down time, order some cheap shirts, and get crafty!  Like I said last post- up until Touch by Alyssa Milano and Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB Collection, it was slim picking for the ladies in the MLB apparel department. Unfortunately it’s kind of expensive (and I could do without all the pink), so this series will show you how to be a ballpark hottie without spending more than $15.

Today’s featured team are the Oakland Athletics and this shirt is you guessed it- moneyballin! The design for this t-shirt is #70 Audrey from the book, 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special.

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday team shirt:

1. I ordered this shirt off of in the clearance section for $11.18 in medium. I choose a simple design with the team name across the breast that would be accentuated when I was done.

2. After laying out the shirt flat on the ground I traced out the cut lines with chalk on the front and back. Chalk is a great tool since it gives you a line to follow when you’re cutting and if you make a mistake when drawing the lines you can just rub it off and start over.












3. Once I was satisfied with my cut lines (you can see on the back I changed my mind a bit), I used a pair of scissors to carefully cut along the lines. I found it helps to have a friend hold the shirt tight for you while you cut to eliminate the ragged marks. Without those marks the shirt appears much cleaner. You can always clean up your cuts after as well. Here is my final result:












I was happy with the way the shirt came out, but looking back I wish I had ironed the shirt first. Dang it’s wrinkly in the before shots! I would like to note that you can apply these designs to your favorite team’s shirt. I’m just trying to appeal to all baseball fans, so instead of doing 30 Yankee shirts, I will make a shirt for every team. There seemed to be some confusion on that in the last post. Have no fear, I am not changing my team allegiance (no matter how cute the shirts I make ;) )!

If you have a homemade t-shirt design to share, feel free to email it to me at Also, if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page- Ballparks on a Budget or follow me on Twitter- @alicia_barnhart.

***A big thank you to Angela from The Moments Forever for taking my picture and Jennifer from On Call Artistry for making me pretty! Really appreciate your help!!

14 thoughts on “Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

  1. Can you do that with Toronto colours? I know that’s un-American BUT, if you wore a Marlins t-shirt instead, that’s essentially the same thing now haha Nice look

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