Help This Ragazza (Girl) Out!

Hey all, so I applied to represent team Italia in the MLB Fan Cave during the World Baseball Classic…

Yeah yeah Barnhart is pretty Germanic (my middle name is Marrali, if that helps), but my mom’s side is Sicilian and I grew up with Italian traditions. Italia definitely holds a special place in my heart, so much so that I minored in Italian while at OSU and spent the summer of 2006 studying abroad in Lecce.

World Cup Italia

italia 2006

It was the best summer of my life and I was blessed to experience Italian nationalism and sports fanaticism at its peak when the Azzurri defeated France to win the World Cup. I’ve never been a part of such a passionate display of sports happiness and I’ve been to multiple OSU/Michigan games and a few baseball rivalry games over the years.

World Cup Italia

By now I shouldn’t have to tell you how much I love baseball, this blog is a testament to my obsession. The second best summer of my life is well documented here as I traveled around the country visiting all 30 MLB ballparks. Combining two of my favorite things- baseball and Italia is a dream come true.

Think about it… Italia has given the world so much-

Artwork, fashion, architecture, pizza, Romeo and Juliet, Ferrari, the guy who discovered America (Christopher Columbus), and of course Fabio!


It’s time to give something just as awesome as all of those things combined back- baseball!!

I could help turn Italians from this:

But what is this sport you call baseball?

But what is this game you call baseball?

To this:

If selected to represent team Italia in the MLB Fan Cave, I will do everything I can to get Italians behind their team and hopefully turn them into loyal fans of in my humble opinion, the world’s greatest sport. It shouldn’t be that much of a push either since the Italian squad just took care of Europe in the European Championship this past September. Now it’s time for Italia to hang with the world’s heavy hitters (pun intended) and make their mark! #ForzaItalia

Please help me out by tweeting at @MLBFanCave and @WBCBaseball to let them know you want to see me (@alicia_barnhart) in the MLB Fan Cave for the WBC! If you don’t have a Twitter handle, feel free to voice your support on this post as I will be tweeting it out to them.

Thank you for your help, hopefully I will be sharing an amazing opportunity with you in March!!

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11 thoughts on “Help This Ragazza (Girl) Out!

  1. The MLB Fan Cave will ROCK if Alicia Barnhart is there!!! They couldn’t find a more enthusiastic fan if they tried… Represent Italia!!!

  2. Alicia – you would do such an amazing job repping Italia in the MLB Fan Cave! You love Italy, Baseball, and talking about both, how could there be a better fit than you!!

  3. Alicia Barnhart is the epitome of anything and everything Italia!!!Throughout all the years that I’ve known her,she has always repped Italy with such pride :)
    Her dedication and passion for sports,specifically baseball is truly one of a kind; I have never seen anyone with such enthusiasm!I was always a basketball fan and her blog motivated me to get into baseball when I was never interested. There’s a popular Italian expression that states “Chi la dura la vince”,meaning “He who perseveres wins”, and Alicia has never stopped pursuing her dreams!You will not regret this!

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