Top 5 Reasons to Visit Minute Maid Park

It shouldn’t take more than the one reason- its existence to visit the home of the Houston Astros, but for those of you who need some more convincing, here are my top 5 reasons to visit the ballpark:

For a complete recap of my visit last summer and full “tour” of the park, read my ballpark review and for money saving tips at this park, check out this post and more in my Money Saving Tips category. Also please bare with me as I continue to make videos as an effort to expand my content… it’s my Spring Training as well! ;)

For an excellent preview of the talent you might expect to see on the field, visit The Mandate  blog for their MLB Preview of the Houston Astros. They break down the off-season moves, pitching, hitting, etc. and certainly don’t hold anything back.

Let me know what you think of Minute Maid Park and your expectations for the Houston Astros!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Minute Maid Park

  1. I was going to make a snarky comment about the team itself and the left field wall bleachers being reachable by most pre-pubescent boys swinging a wooden bat, but I’ll refrain since it’s the best time of the year, spring training!

  2. Very cool, Alicia! I gotta get out to some different ballparks soon. So far I’ve only seen old Yankee Stadium, new Yankee Stadium, & Shea. I haven’t even been to Citi Field yet (not that there’s much there to cheer about, but I need to see it, lol). Minute Maid looks — and sounds — awesome.

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  4. Minute Maid is a nice park, but it is way too loud for me. I’m not sure I like indoor baseball. I know it’s hot in Texas (I live 10 miles from Rangers Ballpark), but baseball is an outside sport. Minute Maid sounded like a basketball arena to me.

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