Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wrigley Field

It shouldn’t take more than the one reason- its existence to visit the home of the incredibly loveable Chicago Cubs, but for those of you who need some more convincing, here are my top 5 reasons to visit this ballpark:

For a complete recap of my visit last summer and full “tour” of the park, read my ballpark review and for money saving tips at this park, check out this post and more in my Money Saving Tips category. Also please bare with me as I continue to make videos as an effort to expand my content- it’s my Spring Training as well! ;)

For an excellent preview of the talent you might expect to see on the field, visit The Mandate blog for their MLB Preview of the Chicago Cubs. They break down the off-season moves, pitching, hitting, etc. and certainly don’t hold anything back.

Let me know what you think of Wrigley Field and your expectations for the Chicago Cubs!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wrigley Field

  1. Thank you for highlighting beloved Wrigley!

    1.) The Ricketts family is working hard to bring renovations to Wrigley. See it now before it changes even a little.
    2.) You’re watching baseball IN a neighborhood. Right there, in peoples’ backyards.
    3.) Sitting in the bleachers, looking at sailboats on Lake Michigan, feeling that this is Chicago and these are its Cubs. Even if you’re not from Chicago I bet you will leave the park wanting to be.
    4.) Feeling the rare loyalty of Cub fans. Every game is the playoffs for at least a few of the fans. The Cubs are more than wins and losses. They are central to baseball’s cardiac ecosystem.
    5.) Just get a brat, say a prayer to Harry’s hovering soul, and watch the exciting young players like Barney, Rizzo, and Castro.

  2. I loved Wrigley field! It was like walking into the past of baseball. I would love to see the Cubbies get into the World Series someday soon and I would love to get back again to Wrigley field!

  3. There are a hundred reasons, but the big one for me is the ambience. Every ballpark that will ever be built in the majors wants to capture what Wrigley Field has. You can’t put it in a picture so much as you can feel it when you’re there inside (or even just in the vicinity of) the park itself. Thanks for what you do on your blog.

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  5. Wrigley is one of those places that I want to get to before I die. I don’t know if it will happen or not. I’ve seen Fenway, and Yankee Stadium is gone, so that leaves Wrigley.

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