Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less! ;)

This series has been on a bit of a hiatus, but it’s back and I’m excited to share another fun way to spruce up an old shirt! I know the Houston Astros have a fresh new look, but for those still holding onto the past- here’s a fun fashionable way!

The design for this t-shirt was inspired by the book, Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday MLB shirt:

1. I ordered this shirt off of in the clearance section for $4.98 in a small. My pictures from cutting up the shirt were lost when my hard drive crashed, so I made due with generic shirts until the finished product. Sorry!

houston astros

2. First I drew cut lines with chalk along the sleeves and around the neck. The design calls for a deep v collar, so I made sure to stop on the front before I hit the shirt’s writing. Both the front and back of this shirt has the same pattern, so you can cut them at the same time.

houston astros

3. Next I drew a zigzagged pattern along either side of the shirt making sure that the triangles connected, but didn’t overlap. Chalk is great here since you want the triangles to be fairly even!

houston astros

4. Finally I cut along the zigzag lines and separated the shirt (it should come apart except for the collar). Then I tied the points of the triangles to each other. I double-knotted them so they wouldn’t come lose and this was my final result:

houston astros

houston astros















I was happy with the way this shirt turned out and if you don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin, try pairing the shirt with a cami. This t-shirt took about five minutes to make and you can play around with the collar and how many side ties you’d like to have. It’s another design that allows you to make a bigger shirt small, so a great way to recycle hand me downs!

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If you have a homemade t-shirt design to share, feel free to email it to me at Also, if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page- Ballparks on a Budget or follow me on Twitter- @alicia_barnhart.

***A big thank you to Angela from The Moments Forever for taking my picture and Jennifer from On Call Artistry for making me pretty! Really appreciate your help!!

4 thoughts on “Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

  1. Very cute! I have so many fun shirt ideas now and not enough shirts.
    My hard drive crashed last week, it’s horrible.

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