MLB Postseason Ticket Prices

mlb postseason

Already on the cusp of the first weekend in October and there is great play-off baseball happening! Even though my team didn’t make it, I’m still watching and loving the drama unfold. I do want to troll just a bit and say I’m glad A.J. Burnett got rocked against the Cards… the Yankees are not paying you to win postseason for the Bucs… sorry.

With that out of the way, my friends at Vivid Seats, a secondary ticket market, sent me over a report on ticket prices that I wanted to share. Not surprising the Red Sox lead the way with the most expensive ticket- Fenway and Boston are not cheap places to visit!

Here are the are the MLB Play-off Ticket Price Reports:

1st Round Play-off Games Only:

  • Pittsburgh has the 3rd highest median price and the highest average price
  • Cleveland hasn’t made playoffs since 2007 and have 2nd highest average and median price

vivid seats chart

All (Potential) Play-off Games:

  • The Boston Red Sox have the highest median ticket price for all play-off games at $572
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates, who haven’t made the playoffs since 1992, have a playoff median ticket price of $491
  • The Atlanta Braves have the lowest playoff median ticket price at $14

vivid seats chart 3

Thought that was some cool data on ticket prices- it pays to be a Braves fan right now!! As for budget advice on the play-off tickets, I said last year and will reiterate- buy early! If you do end buying tickets to a series and can’t/don’t want to go, you might actually make money selling your tickets on Craigslist, Facebook, or eBay. My younger sister Alex bought Wild Card tickets at Progressive Field hoping the Yankees would be in town, but no such luck! She sold them and ended up making $50. Not a terrible consolation!

 Anyone going to a game? Also I am torn on who to root for (leaning Dodgers because of Mattingly), so make a case for your team… 


6 thoughts on “MLB Postseason Ticket Prices

  1. That’s great information. The Braves have such shitty fair weather fans that they probably need to offer the cheaper tickets, but the Cards fans would go to the stadium no matter what, so the team could probably get away with a little bit higher costing ticket but I’m glad they don’t gouge us too badly. Those prices are still a bit outrageous, but whatever.

  2. I haven’t caught too many games myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Dodgers beat the Braves and the Cardinals beat the Dodgers. I was hoping to see the Tigers win, but oh well. I think the Cards are going to win the whole thing this year.

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